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Start A Radio Station

If your interested in helping Tejano Music grow to new numbers then keep reading….

YouTejano  has arranged for Tejano Fans every where to start a  community Tejano internet radio station for FREE* courtesy of  and RadiosBest™. All you need is to commit to doing a live 1 hour or  prerecorded broadcast per week . First come up with a cool radio name for your broadcast or use the YouTejano for example YouTejano Houston, TX. By using YouTejano + your city as your radio name it will allow you to use the official YouTejano logos without having to create your own custom logos.

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Next decide if it will be a for profit or nonprofit you decide. Then contact YouTejano to get started!

YouTejano is also providing FREE custom music android app for the radio broadcast and  for Tejano Bands courtesy of YouBoom™.

To get started reach out to David with YouTejano by calling 520-304-4198 to get started with a  Community Radio or a Android App for your band.

If a internet station is already in place for your city through You Tejano we cannot help you start one. Please contact the station manager to see about participating in the established broadcast.



Step 1: Come up with a cool radio name.
Step 2: Contact us via website with your phone number and best time to reach you or call 520-304-4198
Step 3: Choose a broadcast of live or automated. To go automated follow steps below.
Automated Radio Setup Instructions
FTP Setup and Playlist Setup Instructions


To use  Live Broadcast you must have a MP3 encoder software like Sam Broadcaster. If you need a Encoder Software YouBoom can provide one for one time $75 fee.


*100 Free listener 64k broadcaster is responsible for any broadcasting fees please read our terms of service. If you use the broadcast outside the YouTejano website you are required to include the following Powered by YouTejano